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Do I have to cross a border?

Yes, if you come from outside of Canada, including the USA, you will need to clear Immigration (Immigration is responsible for the entry of people).

Click here for details on Immigration.

This also means that your belongings will need to clear Customs (Customs is responsible for the entry of goods).
If you're bringing commercial goods, you will need an import license or clearance.

Pets (dogs or cats) are limited to one and may require a rabies vaccination certificate. Some other types of animals may be restricted.

You are advised not to take any fruit or living plants across the border. Specifically, the USA will not let you import any citrus fruits. Canada has a restriction on most living plants or seeds. The concern is transfer of diseases to agriculture.

Cameras, computers and other valuable items should have a document showing the country where you purchased the item. This document will help you considerably when taking it back to your own country, without having to pay import or export duties. Your country's customs officer may issue you a 'green card' for it with the ID number and an official stamp.

You are advised not to bring any fire arms. In Canada they could be confiscated and you could end up in jail, regardless the documents you carry with them.

Detailed information may be obtained from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA). Most of the tax and duty forms are on line at this site.

If you are bringing in goods pertaining to a convention or an exhibition, you should make yourself familiar with the CCRA publication called: RC4032 - Welcome to CANADA, Your Guide to Bringing a Convention, Meeting, Trade Show, or Exhibition Across the Canadian Border (This link provides you with a copy in .html or .pdf format). This document contains invaluable information regarding what you must do to avoid unnecessary duties and taxes. It also contains valuable information for individuals. Hard copy may be ordered from CCRA.

If you need to hire a Customs Broker, you can contact any Customs Broker. e.g. : Mendelssohn Customs Brokerage and Transportation Services,
69 Yonge Street, Suite 400, Toronto, ON, M5E 1K3;
Tiziana Doimo, Sales Manager,,
Phone: 800-665-4628; 416-863-9339; Fax: 416-863-0301

If you're planning to sell your goods or services in Canada, you will need to register your business. You can do this by clicking on Business Registration On-line.

If you buy anything in Canada to a total of over Can$200 and if you are a non-resident of Canada, you can get the sales tax you paid back (In Ontario, that is a total of 15%, so more than Can$30). To do this you must fill in a tax refund form and send it to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

NOTE: If you are flying, you will need to follow security rules for carry-on baggage.

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