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Do I have to cross a border?

Yes, if you come from outside of Canada, you will need to clear Immigration (Immigration is responsible for the entry of people).

You will need a valid passport not just to get into Canada, but also to get back into your own country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Canada AND the Department of Immigration and Customs states:
"In view of recent world affairs, rules have been strengthened and are
being enforced.
For travel into and outside Canada:
Flying: - All nationalities require a valid passport
Driving: - US Nationals - proof of citizenship is required, and photo ID.
An immigration/customs officer at the border may require a passport and therefore all US Nationals are advised to have a passport."

Citizens of a few countries may require a VISA. For VISA requirements and other details see Immigration Canada's website.

Please note that charges or convictions in your home country need not be 'Criminal' but if Canada considers it 'Criminal', it may be equivalent to a charge or conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada.
e.g. Such charges could be 'driving under the influence', 'petty theft', 'vandalism', having an 'auto accident on private property' (public property accidents seem to be fine etc).

Such people require to apply in advance for a Temporary Resident Permit at a Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate at least 60 days prior to their travel date. If they arrive in Canada without that Permit they may be subject to an exclusion order - instant deportation plus a one year bar from entering Canada and practical difficulties forever after that from entering Canada.

Coming to Canada also requires that your belongings will need to clear Customs (Customs is responsible for the entry of goods).

Visitor Requirements: Travelers from Countries other than the USA.
International travelers may require a visa to enter or transit Canada . To see whether you require a visa, visit the Canada International Website for more information on visa requirements.

Travelers Bringing Children

Travelers visiting Canada with children should carry the following:

  • Identification for each child similar to identification described for adults.
  • A letter of permission from the parents of any children accompanying them for whom they do not have legal custody.

Please note: Divorced parents with shared custody rights should carry legal documents establishing their status. Unaccompanied children should carry a letter of permission from their parents or a legal guardian.

If you have questions about your admissibility to enter Canada, contact your nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate for consultation.

Click here for details on Canada Customs.

Here is a list of consulates in Toronto for in case you need help from your government.

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