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Coming to TORONTO


You can find directions on this website: FreeTrip Itinerary Listing or at Directions to Toronto, ON
You can find maps at:
Yahoo Map of Toronto area and Ontario
You can also contact the American Automobile Association (AAA) or

if you are in Canada, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).
They can make you a triptych, which is a detailed routemap with lots of good information.
They also have booklets with hotels, motels and restaurants on the way.


Check out our page on Toronto Pearson International Airport and associated services.


Check out Amtrak
Or, in Canada, Via Rail


Welcome to Toronto, World’s Best Travel Destination!

Toronto gets over 16 million tourists each year.

Click here for a Map of Downtown Toronto

Click here for a Map of The PATH (underground footpath)

Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario, Canada. The city of Toronto itself counts about 2.48 million people. But, if you include the surrounding cities and suburbs of 'the Golden Horseshoe' within a 160 km radius of Toronto, you can count to about 10 million. That is 1/3 of the population of the whole of Canada.

Toronto is a cosmopolitan city that is clean, safe, and friendly. It has sports, health, recreational and cultural facilities that equal or exceed those of New York and London.

It is the home of more than 80 ethnic cultures from across the world, which provides for an unequaled range of attractions, theatre, culinary and other art.

  • It has 15,000 main street stores, 32,000 hotel rooms and 7,800 restaurants featuring 200 different cuisines from around the world.
  • Toronto is the centre of Canadian Business.
  • It has North America's 3rd largest Stock Exchange by value traded.
  • The CN Tower is the ultimate freestanding structure-the tallest in the world at 533.3 metres.
  • Yonge Street, our main drag, is the longest street in the world, maxing out at 1896 kilometres at Rainy River on the Minnesota border, and
  • SkyDome was the first sports stadium in the world with a retractable roof. Whew!

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