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How to get Around in Toronto

There are many ways of getting around.
Here is a synopsis, but more details can be found on the Official Website of the City of Toronto.


Starting at the Royal York Hotel, you can walk underground 'On the Path', which is a 10 km network of underground shopping malls connecting many of the downtown office buildings and subway system. It is especially useful in the Winter when there is snow or on rainy and windy days when walking in the city is not a pleasure.
View or download the PATH map - PDF format (1.2 Mb)

Outside, there are also many walking trails for those who want to get their exercise after a day of sitting listening to people talk. Try those along the waterfront. Also, Toronto has many parks that are a pleasure to walk in.


Ideally, our suggestion is: Don't drive in Toronto. Especially not week-days between 8 AM and 9 AM and certainly not between 4 pm and 6 PM in or near the city when the commuter traffic is on the road. There are a million people getting to and from work every day. Taxis are much better than driving, but even they can't get anywhere when there is gridlock! The (underground) Subway is ideal, though also quite busy between 8-9 AM and between 5 and 6 PM. Even for tours outside the city, you would prefer a bus rather than trying to change lanes on 14 lane highways. It can be very hard if you don't know your exit (and even if you do know it:). Such are the pleasures of living in the city! You can check here the cameras viewing highway traffic density for the main highways - in real time.

The - Subway

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is North America's largest public transit system after New York. It is fast, safe and clean! It is used by Torontonians of all walks of life.

The subway is the most important conveyance in Toronto. It is fast, because it does not have to fight the ever-present traffic. It allows us to do great distances, from where we can then switch over to other modes of transportation the TTC provides. A great way to get around and see museums or get to restaurants out of the centre of the city.

The busy hours are from 8 AM - 9 AM and from 5 PM - 6 PM, outside those times it is quite pleasant.

TTC - Streetcars (Trams) and Buses

Both streetcars and buses belong to the TTC system. You can switch from one to the other, including the subway, using a 'TRANSFER' ticket, which you must pick up from a machine at the first station of bus you start off from.

You can pay cash fare but get no change. You can buy packs of tickets or tokens (can't buy single tickets). Seniors and students get discounts and use the cards. Most of us mortals use tokens. Warning: A token may look like a dime, but it is worth more than a dollar! So, don't waste it on coffee.

A special deal: the 'Day Pass' - with restrictions on certain hours.

TTC - 192 Airport Rocket
Provides fully-accessible bus service. Buses stop only at Kipling station, Dundas Street & East Mall Crescent, Terminal 3 (Arrivals Level), and Terminal 2 (Arrivals Level). Service operates from approximately 5:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., seven days a week. One-way travel time is approximately 20 minutes.

Taxies & Limousines

At the Airport you will find both. Limousines are usually better kept and roomier than taxies. They cost about 15% more. In the city, you only find taxies. Tips for good service are 15% of the fare.

(Airport to Downtown Toronto Service)
Bus picks up on the Arrivals Level of all terminals. All buses are wheelchair accessible and also have front kneeling doors for easier access. This is a 24 Hour service. Destinations include the downtown bus terminal, as well as several major downtown hotels. Connecting service to other downtown locations is also available for an additional fee.

Fee schedule: Downtown to TPIA $14.25 / return-$24.50 (Subject to change).

Students and seniors receive 10% off one way fares.

For more information call Pacific Western Airport Express at
(905) 564-6333 or toll free at (800) 387-6787 or visit the web site of the Airport Express.

Tour Buses

You can take some of the tours organized by Gray Line Sightseeing Tours (416-594-3310). Or look for a different bus line in the Yellow pages, for travel to locations outside of Toronto.

(Go Transit)

Go Transit is a system of buses and trains specifically for commuters from outside of Toronto, the 'Greater Toronto Area'. They only run in the morning and in the evening.
You probably won't have any use for it unless you stay with relatives in a neighboring community.
In that case you can get information at their website.


The best way to get a taxi is to have your hotel desk direct you to the nearest taxi stand or call one up for you. Many hotels have a taxi stand right next door. When elsewhere, you can call (via the Yellow Pages) or hail a cab. The latter may work unless it is rush hour and it rains :)

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